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 Ruckus Wireless

Be a partner to avail for quotation or project consultation. ITBuzz representatives are trusted partners and specialize in providing bespoke wireless networks to organize across the UK. We are the UK reseller of Ruckus Wireless technology solutions that offers Ruckus “Smart Wifi” demos, and other quotations to meet the need of business,.......

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Netgear Wireless

The latest evolution of legacy of innovative, all is networked with the fastest routers and Wi-Fi gear. Netgear technology will keep you streaming. ITBuzz products are easy to deploy solutions for the service providers, home and business. This world leader network equipment is not only for SMB and consumer but also Telco, Cable and Mobile.....

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Cisco Wireless

Excellent designed to deliver effectively and support vast range of needs that unifies WAN, LAN, wireless LAN, and device management under control system. This is easy to monitor and assist reporting on indoor and outdoor wireless networks, set up and manage for employees work and improve productivity throughout the office. ITBuzz.....

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BIS & BES Services

One must have the Blackberry Internet Services (BIS) or Blackberry Enterprise Services (BES) data plan activated on your account with your wireless provider. Check the tips and tricks for Blackberry Enterprise activation on BIS data plan. BIS is offered free when purchased a data plan on any Blackberry phone. It facilitates the Blackberry customer.....

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3Com Wireless

User can configure the wireless settings on a 3com office connect, give a network name, and provide their router password and username using the list; wireless AP ANY, Admin, etc. Set up a secure wireless network with the 3com just by replacing the IP address of your router. 3com, officeconnect and 3com logo are registered trademark of 3com......

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