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Technology Consulting

In order to quickly turn the advances into competitive advantage, you need an IT consulting partner with innovative solutions. This exhorts well-defined strategies and deep domain expertise. At ItBuzz, we define, design and execute strategy that drive your business growth and reduces costs.........

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IT Support

Onsite IT support services help in enterprise in integrating emerging technologies and in building robust system and controlling. Many companies that render outsourced IT services and support come across high customer expectations while at service levels. ItBuzz can not only close the door of these hackers;.......

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Concepts to virtual data warehousing and easy data visualization, data extraction in real-time have opened a stunningly visual analysis and self-service discovery. Get the rich, interactive visuals show story in your data to make it easy to share insights thereby going more answers to quick and fast, fluid exploration.......

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Email Security

Get the comprehensive and cost-effective way to protect your business against every threat associated with business proving solutions. This also offers cost-effective protection against threats.......

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Web Security

The Web Security Services identifies and categories new web content in real time with accuracy and backed up uptime agreement. We have this clod based service that renders a convenient option to deploy powerful web security technology. ITBuzz team of security experts identifies.....

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IT Services licenses at endpoint protection for Windows and Mac OS. The antivirus software is only as effective as its latest definitions; scans your computer for viruses and other malicious software. This is a great antivirus suite for staff members to use on their personal Windows computers and laptops.......

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Network Security

Guard your network against cyber security threats such as viruses, worms, botnets, and malware. This set of libraries is designed to support cross-platform development and security-enabled client and server. ITBuzz provides network and computer security services and compels.....

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Hardware & Software Licensing

ITBuzz can help you purchase the IT hardware and software you need. Find the right availability experience and scale to procure your hardware and support services. Offering flexible and fast way to order all your hardware and......

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Website Hosting 

Keep your website up and running featuring a 99% uptime optional paid service. Best in class website hosting needs to be hosted on a server through a service called......

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Infrastructure Design & Upgrades

Install operating systems and network services and new network equipments at ITBuzz. IT Infrastructure plays a pivotal role as more and more businesses are taking and upgrading your network or implementing a new system. We offer a full range of network and security integration services.....

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Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery

For an organization's preparation and unforeseen risks to proper management, disaster recovery plays a vital role. An organization's needs ability to recover from a disaster and/or unexpected event and resume operations. Business........

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Email Archive

ITBuzz cloud-based archiving solution preserves and protects your valuable data/ info and allows to finding crucial email data when you need it. Email archiving is packed with business benefits that secure, scalable unified information......

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Online Backups & Officesite Backups

Backing (online backup) up can be easier if you send your data to the cloud. The online backup service to automatically and securely protect your data but can still result in data loss if you didn't store backups off-site. At ITBuzz find the process which premise to collects, compresses, encrypts, and transfers the data to the remote backup.......

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